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  1. Natural hormone therapies, immunotherapies, detoxification
  2. Integrative cancer screening including ultrasound CT (multi slice view, radiation-free), Mammovision (integrative breast cancer sreening, radiation-free)
  3. Integrative cancer aftercare (diagnosis and therapy according to guidelines plus individual immune and detoxification therapies)
  4. Integrative therapies for endometriosis, estrogen dominance, fibroids, Hashimotos disease, osteoporosis, incontinence, pelvic floor weakness, climacteric complaints, menopause complaints
  5. Ozone therapy according to Dr. Hänsler
  6. Intravenously laser therapy and laser acupunctue according to Dr. Weber
  7. Neocontrol (Extracorporeal magnetic field, pelvic floor therapy, incontinence prevention and therapy)
  8. Chelation therapies, metal detoxification therapies
  9. Vitatec (vital field diagnosis and therapy)
  10. Magnetodyn (Magnetic field therapy)
  11. Private laboratory

Dr. Schulte-Uebbing


  1. Born in München
  2. Dr. med. (E.U./ L.M.U. München, 1988)
  3. Associated Professor (EU / ORADEA, 2007), regular lectures on gynecology, environmental medicine, endocrinology
  4. Gynecology, environmental medicine, oncology, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, primary psychosomatic care
  5. Author of various medical reference books (see Books), approx. 400 scientific publications, especially on gynecological, endocrinological medicine topics (see Publications)
  6. Medical expert
  7. Scientific advisory board of various professional societies


Nicotine and perfume-free practice

We were the first practice for environmental medicine in Munich in 1994. We place emphasis on nicotine and perfume-free ambiance. Perfumes and fragrances can not only cause unpleasant allergies, dyspnoea, headache and dizziness, they can also strain and damage our immune and hormonal system. If perfumes come into the body with (nano) plastic particles, plasticizers or heavy metals, they can also cause or promote hormone-dependent tumors.

We would like to use this Internet site to introduce you to our extensive range of services. Furthermore, you will find our consultation hours and a map showing the location of our Practice.

We're looking forward to your visit!

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